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Our Guys are experienced Topless Waiters that know how to have fun, whether you are looking for a quiet relaxed Hen’s Party or a crazy wild night Bare Nights can make this happen for you.

Bare Nights only pick the best looking Topless Waiters in Melbourne. Choose the Guy’s that will suit all your needs:

  • Sexy Topless Waiters
  • Model Topless Waiters
  • Fun Topless Waiters
  • Tall & Dark Topless Waiters
  • Cheeky Topless Waiters

Ensure that your next Hen’s night in Melbourne has a Sexy Topless Waiter Melbourne from Bare Nights. We understand it can be tedious and stressful organising a Hen’s Party. Take the pressure of yourself and allow Bare Nights to deliver you Sexy Topless Waiters that will act like the MC for your Hen’s Party.

Our Guys are experienced Topless Waiters that know how to have fun, whether you are looking for a quiet relaxed Hen’s Party or a crazy wild night Bare Nights can make this happen for you.

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Melbourne Nikko topless waiter


If you plan on having Nikko as your topless waiter for your party, make sure to reserve him months before the event as this guy is one of our most-sought after waiters and strippers. Hire him and find out why he is one of the most popular guys to invite to any party.

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Melbourne Tyreese topless waiter


Tall, dark, and handsome is what you want for the night? Tyreese is the best topless waiter you’ll ever need! From mixing your cocktails to attending your tables – he is your man. And with a face and body like that – what else will you need? Book him now and we promise the best service!

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Eli Melb Waiter


This hunk will attend to your party needs and ensure that you only get the best. He is a reliable hard worker who is great at keeping all the girls happy that is why your night out will turn out to be extraordinary.

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Ash Melb Stripper Waiter

Ash Summers

Ash Summers is a ‘heart and soul’ performer. He puts his all in what he does, and you definitely see what he means. This enigmatic guy’s moves are simply captivating and mind-blowing!

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Leon Melb Stripper


Don’t miss out on a fun-filled night by booking him now. Leon is the perfect entertainer to give you loads of excitement during your girls night that you’ll definitely remember for a long time!

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Damo Melb Waiter


A perfect girls night out includes chilled drinks served by a hot hunk named Damo. Who could resist this fine-looking man with great physique? I am sure you could not!

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Jack Melb Waiter


It will be a special night as this gorgeous man gives you the care and attention you deserve. He has the body, the looks, and the matching personality to complete your special girls’ weekend.

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Feds Melb Waiter


You would definitely choose Feds as soon as you see him. He has this great smile, great body, and great personality! He is definitely the one you are looking for in a perfect hens party!

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Lochie Melb Waiter


Find yourself greatly interested in this superbly handsome and naturally funny guy. His presence will make every girl’s party alive. He is absolutely a charming hunk!

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Alun Melb Waiter


Alun is a fun-loving, well-mannered guy whose looks will literally make heads turn. Surround yourself with his presence and you can be sure of an awesome night full of joy and laughter!

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Matthew A Melb Waiter

Matthew A

Matthew is not just good-looking and talented, but also someone you can rely on for an extraordinary girls’ night out. He is a great entertainer, a certified eye-candy, and can serve up any drink without breaking a sweat.

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Sean Melb Waiter


Let the good times roll with this amazingly fine-looking hunk. He is toned to perfection and he can pump up the party vibe. Sean will capture your heart and soul as he surely will keep your girls’ night out alive.

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Joseph Melb Waiter


Who wouldn’t be attracted to Joseph’s sunny disposition, coupled with his amazing looks? Secure an unforgettable night of giggles and smiles and swoon over his amazing waitering skills.

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Giorgio Melb Waiter


Savor every moment of your hens party as Giorgio makes himself available to you. His awesome muscles and attractive persona make him stand out from the rest. He has lots of tricks up in his sleeves and a whole bunch of sultry moves to complete your evening.

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Angel Melb Waiter


Angel is heaven-sent, and letting him take care of your hens party would allow you to enjoy the night without worry. Gifted with superb talent and mesmerizing looks, Angel is a big hit to all!

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Damien H Melb Waiter

Damien H

Celebrate in style as Damien takes care of everything so you can have a great time. He will ensure that your night will be all worth it with his good looks and talent.

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Daniel Melb Waiter


All work and no play? Why not book Daniel on your next ladies night and let him show you how much fun you’ve been missing out on? Daniel will surely give life to your party and bring with him loads of tricks and games to make it a night to remember.

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Leo Melb Waiter


If you are out on a hunt for a topless waiter that can make your ladies laugh the whole night long, then Leo is definitely the guy you want to book. He is the ultimate choice for an overwhelmingly good night out with your friends. Savor the fun and the laughter as he dazzles his way to your hearts.

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Orlando Melb Waiter


Handsome, feisty, and hard rock abs – that is definitely how Orlando can be described. He will surely steal your heart with his charming smile and charisma. Meet him and let him do the rest as you enjoy the night with friends.

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Irish Melb Waiter


This super-confident and exceptionally good guy is attentive to your every need, and would willingly do everything to make you and your friends happy. Book him and see how much fun it can be with him around.

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Aaron Melb Waiter


Nothing beats a mellow, suave, and gentle kind of man like Aaron. Your hens party night is a real success, simply because he is expert at his craft – hosting games and getting along with guests.

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Luke Melb Waiter


Luke is gorgeously handsome and well-built. Let him help you celebrate without a fuss as he gives his undivided attention to you and your guests.

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Chris Melb Waiter

Chris V

For you who want to be treated like a queen for a night, Chris is your perfect choice. He loves serving with a smile and makes sure you have a great time.

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Nathan Rocks Melb Waiter

Nathan Rocks

With his glorious physique and charming personality, it is hard not to notice Nathan. Always ready to party with you, he will make your night alive with excitement and fun!

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Ajay Melb Waiter


This guy will surprise you with his superb looks and overwhelming talent. Having fun with him and your friends is definitely worth your time.

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Jefferson Melb Waiter


That smile surely knows how to get a girl’s attention. Get to know him and let him help you celebrate your hens party. A good-looking guy with a bright attitude – that is exactly who Jefferson is.

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Charaf Melb Waiter


Always the crowd-pleaser, Charaf will let you experience how it is to party without worry. Feel alive on your girls’ night out because you will not have dull moments with this fine-looking hunk.

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Bass Melb Waiter


Book Bass today and let him entertain you and your friends the whole night through. His presence in your girls’ night out will assure you of endless fun and enjoyment.

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Ricardo Melb Waiter


Although he may appear timid and reserved, this hunk is definitely a fireball when heated up. Ricardo likes to show his breathtaking moves while not so conscious of his stunning looks. Light up the party with him in charge.

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Patricio Melbourne Topless Waiter


Patrizio will waltz through the crowd with drinks in one hand and tricks in the other. He is charming, suave, and charismatic. You can stare and celebrate all-you-can while enjoying the night and having fun!

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topless hunk george


George is the life of the party. He is a combination of wit and charm that is guaranteed to make your hens night a celebration to remember. What’s more, his stunning looks and aura promise a night of laughter and cheer.

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This blue-eyed charmer would bring delight and excitement to your girls’ night out. He loves parties, and is honored to join you. Swoon at his exceptional skills and smooth moves.

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Ivan Melb Waiter


Striking looks and superb talent – these rightly describe Ivan. For a night that you will surely cherish, let Ivan take care of it. He is more than willing to carry out your wishes.

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Marco Melb Waiter


Marco’s appeal is undeniable, as shown in his astounding features and really virile body. For a night out with your friends, he will entertain you to your heart’s desire.

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James Melb Waiter


Looking gorgeously handsome and refined, James is ready to party with you. He is naturally amiable that you cannot help but like him so much.

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Adam Melb Waiter


His expressive eyes will capture your attention and you can’t help but feel the attraction. If you are in for a girls’ night out with lots of pure excitement and fun, remember to book Adam.

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Sya Melb Waiter


For a lighthearted and super-spirited night, trust Sya! Not only is he good-looking and insanely appealing, but he also has a great talent for making your party really enjoyable.

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Mathew Melb Waiter


He has sleek moves that will leave you breathless. Feel your excitement grow as Mathew gives his best. Play games with him at a party that you will surely treasure for a long time.

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Josh J Melb Waiter

Josh J

His attractive appearance and sultry moves are a surefire hit to girls. Josh is a boy at heart, but his manly charm is undeniable. Book him for your party and see why this hunk rocks.

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open shirt waiter mitch


Fall for this guy’s flirty smile first, and indulge in his well-built abs, absolutely perfect. For your intimate girls’ night out, delight in Mitch’s presence as he offers you drinks and extraordinary service.

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Jay melbourne waiter

Jay Lam

With his impressive looks, Jay is really worth a try. Immerse yourself in a carefree and enjoyable celebration with him, truly a night worth remembering.

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Melbourne’s Sexiest Topless Waiters

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