Brisbane topless waiter Nic


If this good looking man will be hosting your event, it will definitely be a gossip mill! Whatever party you are planning, Nick is down to entertain you and attend to your needs.

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Brisbane topless waiter Josh


Josh can make your party extra special! An absolute gentleman and charismatic persona are perfect traits for someone to host at your party. Luckily, these are Josh’s strong assets. Reserve him now before he gets booked out!

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Brisbane topless waiter Sebastian


Sebastian should be hosting your party as he can entertain you and your guests from morning till dawn.  He is a perfect addition to your events if you need a guy who can engage with the visitors. Definitely no dull moment!

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Brisbane topless waiter Apollo


Imagine a celebrity-looking guy serving you and your guests some food and drinks? Apollo is his name! You can’t resist looking at this handsome face and perfect body. Even topless in addition to that. Book him now if you want your event to be the talk of the town.

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Brisbane topless waiter Jordan C

Jordan C

Jordan C is perfect if you want a manly hunk with a great personality. Those charming eyes will surely make your event a night to remember. Book him now as your topless waiter for your parties.

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Meet the sweet boy whose inviting smile and suave physique would surely make every girl swoon. Marco puts a lot of effort into everything he does, and he will take care of you and your guests for a fun and memorable night out.

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A great addition to your celebration is the presence of an athletic and gorgeous guy. Samuel perfectly fits that description. What’s more, he will gladly join you in party games while serving you drinks. It will definitely be a night full of memories!

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Shawn’s attractive dimples really show how charming he is! His perfectly toned muscles are also a sight to behold. Let him serve you and your guests for a girls’ night out that is surely unforgettable.

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Want to have a worry-free hens night? Experience service beyond your expectations with this fine-looking young man – Dylan. His rock-hard abs would be a surefire hit to you and your guests. Book him now.

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With his great looks and fantastic body, Micah is more than enough to make your night complete. Leave all your party worries to him! Micah will make sure that your guests are taken care of. No table and guests are left unattended when you hire him as your host.

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James Bris Waiter


Let James impress you with his superb looks and expert service to ensure you and your guests are entertained. He is friendly and polite, making everyone feel special. Have a good time with James now.

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Ryan Bris Waiter


Complement your events with someone who knows how to keep your guests delighted and satisfied. Ryan’s charming looks and friendly attitude guarantees you an extraordinary night that will be remembered for a long time.

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Daniel M Bris Waiter

Daniel M

Gorgeous looks and a solid body to complement, Daniel’s energy is obvious in the way he hosts games and serves cocktails at your party. Don’t forget to book him for your next celebration.

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Jordan Bris Waiter


No one can resist Jordan’s charm as he breaks into a smile and goes out of his way to impress you. Get ready for a night of excitement with funnyman Jordan. Book him now.

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Brad J Bris Waiter

Brad J

Brad J’s glorious looks and well-defined built would truly take your breath away. Delight in his presence as he serves food and drinks to your mesmerized guests. Celebrate more and enjoy more with Brad J.

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Sexy Perth topless waiter


You would agree that this fine-looking guy is a sweet dessert to cap your girls’ night out. Book Bodhi now and be impressed by his courteous and personalized service. Party the night away and have a good time!

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Mustafa Bris Waiter


How would you like to be entertained by one of the best waiters in the group? Mustafa’s rugged looks and smooth moves would delight every guest at your party. Get him to assist you and be ready to enjoy all night!

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Andrei Bris Waiter


A charming smile of a well-built man can melt any girl’s heart. That’s Andrei for you. Get Andrei to serve you food and drinks, and watch him captivate your guests as well.

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Party all night and let this stunningly handsome guy take charge of your needs. Edem will gladly play with you and your guests. He will make sure that you will have a night that is exciting and alive!

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mitch brisbane topless waiter


Mitch is one of the best-looking hunks that would be very glad to serve you cocktails while going around and making your guests feel great. Book him and experience a one-of-a-kind service that only Mitch can give.

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Brandon Bris Waiter


If you want a dazzling night with lots of excitement, go with hot Brandon. This guy with a charming smile and rock-hard biceps will make sure that drinks are flowing and food is plenty.

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Alex Bris Waiter

Alex N

Why not book Alex for your special events? Be satisfied as he gives you service at its best. He will keep everybody happy with his well-mannered character and excellent work attitude.

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John Bris Waiter

John C

John C has good looks and an amazing body that aims to please you and your guests. His playful nature will surely make the party special. His mere presence ensures an unforgettable girls’ night out with you.

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Kelton Waiter Brisbane


Get the party started with Kelton! You will be amazed by his experience and his attitude of being friendly, courteous, and polite with your guests. Serving food and drinks is a breeze with this hunk.

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With heavenly blue eyes to complement a very gorgeous personality, Lewis is a standout. The sight of him serving cocktail drinks is a definite highlight of your hens party. Book Lewis now and experience his outstanding service.

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A party is a party from here to Canada and every part of the world, big or small, it’s still regarded as a party. The little spark added and the way it’s organized make the difference. Are you planning to organize a hen’s night in Brisbane? kitchen teas or birthdays? Bridal Shower or Bachelorette party? Are you planning on introducing a high-level excitement to your next party? Or just planning to spice up a night out? Whichever way, as long as you don’t just want to make it a mere party but a spice party and really want your guess to feel the entertainment part of your party. TOPLESS WAITERS in Brisbane is the only way to achieve that.


BEST TOPLESS WAITERSThey are the best alternative to strippers, attractive blokes that are physically fit and highly trained to create a great fun-filled atmosphere for any party. They are handsome hunks, with physiques hot enough to gets the girls chatting and demanding for more fun right from the moment they step in till the end of your party.

They have experience in general bar skills and they are capable of being your right hand when it comes to serving your guest drinks. Part of the qualities possessed by top waiters is game skills, interesting enough to keep all the girls at your party busy.


Many people considered men with a good muscular physique to be suitable enough as a waiter but it takes more than the physical appearance to be a Topless Waiter. It requires a lot of skills both in dancing and in mixing great drinks as well as charismatic and behaviors that can keep people excited and demanding for more fun. Topless Waiters are men with adequate skills to light up the room and get everyone involved, this is a necessity to make all parties a memorable one.

Make your party a memorable one, add a spark to your party with Topless Waiters. Get the girls something fantastic to look at and keep them mingle. Allow Top Waiters to handle the serving of drinks and food, they’ve got a unique way to do it. They are well trained when it comes to dealing with different kinds of people, they will blossom your party with excitement and at the end of your party, you will be happy and amazed about the comments of your guests.

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