• Topless waiters will get the party started
  • Premium waiter service for food/drinks.
  • Photos, game hosting and setting up
  • all-night entertainment


  • Topless waiters will get the party started
  • Premium waiter service for food/drinks.
  • Photos, game hosting and setting up
  • all-night entertainment


  • DOUBLE THE FUN- 2 Topless waiters
  • Premium waiter service for food/drinks.
  • Photos, game hosting and setting up
  • all-night entertainment


  • DOUBLE THE FUN- 2 Topless waiters
  • Premium waiter service for food/drinks.
  • Photos, game hosting and setting up
  • all-night entertainment



Hire experienced topless bartenders at your service

Are you looking to hire a sexy, flirtatious topless waiter for your hen’s party?
That is to say, Jared is the guy to go for. He is sure to liven up your next party with his charming and professional hosting.

Bailey will happily oblige to your requests with a cheeky smile and a personality to match! He’s keen to meet your every need and desire at your next event.   

Antoine is a good-looking lad with mesmerizing eyes and a body that cannot easily be forgotten. He is a great server and can run any parties without leaving any guest unattended.

Complement your events with someone who knows how to keep your guests delighted and satisfied. Nathan’s charming looks and friendly attitude guarantees you an extraordinary night 

Caeleb’s beautiful smile and hot body are guaranteed to make your Hens an unforgettable event. Get in touch today to book this sexy waiter to add flirt and fun to your party.

Exuberating confidence, Dion has no problem talking to the ladies and making sure they’re all having a great time. He has a great personality, to-die-for body and charming looks that will make your heart flutter like crazy.

Want to have a worry-free hens night? Experience service beyond your expectations with this fine-looking young man – Dylan. His rock-hard abs would be a surefire hit to you and your guests. Book him now.

A charming smile of a well-built man can melt any girl’s heart. That’s Andrei for you. Get Andrei to serve you food and drinks, and watch him captivate your guests as well.

Josh is a stylish magnetic topless waiter who will certainly get all the ladies in the mood. He is an absolute gentleman with brown eyes and a cute smile. He is the perfect man to spark up your next event.

Let Harrison impress you with his superb looks and expert service to ensure you and your guests are entertained. He is friendly and polite, making everyone feel special. Have a good time with Harrison now.

Micah is everything you need for your next girls night! He is good-looking, ripped abs and he absolutely loves to entertain the girls. He will definitely make your hens night special

Celebrate With Brisbane’s Topless Waiters

Ladies young and old are looking forward to celebrations that spell fun and enjoyment. Hiring topless waiters for hens night, birthday parties and girls night out can definitely spell a different kind of excitement.

Private parties will not be as monotonous as you think if you include a little naughtiness. Your lady friends would definitely thank you for the experience.

Our Brisbane topless waiters are men who are skilled at giving you service for your private parties and events. They come in a complete package – fine-looking, sexy, talented, friendly and charming.

These men are armed with the experience to give you personalised customer service. Be assured that they know what they are doing, and they are going that your party will be a success.

Our Brisbane topless waiters are more than just servers of food and drinks. They are also trained to do more than that. These make our waiters a very important addition to your parties or events. Here are other tasks that they may perform:

  •         Our waiters can help you decorate the party venue.
  •         Cocktails will be prepared and served to guests.
  •         Make your guests feel at ease by assisting you in welcoming them to your party.
  •         Hosting and playing party games will be taken care of by our topless waiters. See how good they are at hosting and playing games with your guests.
  •         Our hunks will also assist in clearing up the area after the party.

Cocktail Mixing With Our Topless Waiters

One of our topless waiter’s tasks is to give you delicious c to enjoy. Whenever you feel like having a glass of your favourite drink, our topless waiters can mix it the way you want it. Here are some of the most popular cocktails that you will surely love: 

This drink started it all. The first cocktail is made with whiskey, sugar, bitters, water and cherry. The Old Fashioned derived its name from bar guests who often asked the bartender to give them cocktails with the traditional recipe.

One of the most popular cocktails in the world, and is usually what most party-goers like to order. This drink has five basic ingredients: tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, lime slice, and salt. To make a perfect margarita, do not stir the mix, shake it.

Gin, dry vermouth and speared olive or lemon twist make up martini. It is one of the most popular and one of the easiest cocktails to prepare.

Invented in Paris in the year 1925, Mimosa was named after a flowering plant. This delicious cocktail is made of orange juice, orange slice and champagne.

This cocktail needs chilled copper mugs to be served. Nonetheless, bar guests love it even without those special mugs. Moscow mule is a combination of vodka, ginger beer, lime slice and lime juice.

This drink is very easy to make with ingredients common to every home – lime, vodka, and cranberry juice. Any girl would find its reddish colour attractive.

Only three ingredients are in this very simple drink originally from Brazil – vodka, lime, and sugar. Add some mint leaves for a refreshing fresh flavour.

Named after an English Queen, there are a variety of recipes used by bartenders to make this cocktail. The result is always the same – simple but so delicious. These ingredients make up a tasty one – vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, pepper and lemon.

Originally from Spain, the colour of sangria depends on the wine, whether red or white. Mixed with fruit juice, it makes a delightful cocktail for everyone.

Three main ingredients make up this fruity cocktail – lime, rum, and sugar. Add your favourite fruit for a truly nice classic drink. This mix was invented in Cuba in the 1900s and is considered one of the oldest cocktails.

A very popular and favourite classic cocktail, gin fizz is a combination of gin, lemon juice, syrup, soda and lemon slice.

It was said that this drink was invented to honour a US ambassador’s visit to Brussels. A mix of coffee, vodka and cream – this drink gives the caffeine punch while enjoying cocktails.

Originally invented to help British seamen avoid vitamin deficiency while at sea, the gimlet‘s ingredients are very simple – gin, lime juice, and lime wheel. Very basic but very delicious.

This cocktail was created by an American writer, Erskine Gwynne in the 1920s. The original recipe calls for bourbon whiskey, Campari, sweet vermouth and orange twist.

It is not very hard to prepare Mojito, but making an excellent one is quite challenging. In the early times, mojito’s mix of rum, sugar, mint leaves, lime juice and soda was used for medicinal purposes. Nowadays, club guests love its deep and minty flavour.

Booking Our Topless Waiters

A crowd favourite for your hens party, our topless waiter will serve and treat you right. Book a waiter for two hours at $100 per hour. Extended time is billed at $100 an hour. Hire our topless waiter for every 15 guests that you have. This is to ensure that everyone is given proper attention nd service.

You may ask our half-naked server to wear some costumes to conform to the theme of your party, and that is perfectly fine with him. If there is no dress code, he will still look stunning in his usual topless get-up.

Capture the delightful moments of your party by having photos with our hot hunks. They would love to join you.

This is a special occasion for a woman who is about to get married. Her lady friends gather together to celebrate one last time before the bride-to-be crosses another phase in her life, which is getting hitched. For ladies, a hens night is the last opportunity for a girl to enjoy being single. 

hens party is an important occasion for a girl who is about to get hitched. This event marks her last hurrah before she enters married life. As her best friend and bridesmaid, you want only the best for her. It is not as easy as that, so here are the rules for planning that important hens party.

  1. Guest list. The bride-to-be should make the list of party-goers.
  2. Party details. FinaliSe the date and venue of the celebration. Decide on the theme of the party and make sure guests are informed so that they, too, can prepare. Require an RSVP to determine the number of attendees.
  3. Make a list of party activities. Plan what you want to do at your hens party. Make sure that these activities would be enjoyable to many, if not all, guests. Inform every one of your plans so that they will know what to expect.
  4. Let loose and have fun. Whatever celebration you are attending, this is the most important. Go with the flow and enjoy the party. That is what memorable celebrations are about.


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