The Best Games to Play at a Hens Party

Pin the trunk on the hunk, How close are you with the bride

If you are planning a hens party, you need to make sure the party is entertaining for both the bride and the guests. Of course, we understand that everyone has different tastes and interactions between guests can be a little awkward, especially when no one knows each other. Here are some games that will provide hours of entertainment and also help break the ice between the guests. What is a hens party without some great drinking games and exciting challenges to ease everyone into a special and unforgettable night? Next time you are in charge of planning a hens party Melbourne, do not forget to use some of the following games:

Pin the trunk on the hunk

This game is great to get your guests laughing and a great way to break the ice. You can print a picture of one of the bride’s celebrity crushes, or this can also be a picture of the groom. This game is similar to the party game you would play as a kid of pinning the tail on the donkey. Starting with the bride, everyone can then take turns pinning trunks or if you are willing, the junk on the picture, remember to use a blindfold. The game can get a lot naughtier, so use your imagination and make the game more exciting. You can find various downloadable pictures online.

How close are you with the bride

This one is a classic hens party game. Not only does this help everyone at the party get to know each other, but it is also a great way to break the ice. Everyone can enjoy a good laugh trying to guess the question right. The way this game works is that you think of several questions about the bride and put them on a piece of paper or index cards. Hand out the cards to each guest and have them complete it. Once everyone is done they can share their answers and see who knows the bride the best.

Prosecco Pong

Another great way to get the party started, Prosecco Pong is a fun hens game adapted from the classic beer pong. Pick your favorite drink and fill up some cups. You can set up the cups the traditional way, in bowling pin styles or other shapes. Regardless, this game will be a great way to get your guests talking and will guarantee the hen party celebration gets going. 

The toilet paper wedding dress game

This game is a must for all hens party games. While it may sound a little random, this game can be quite fun especially for the bride. This hens party game requires a lot of toilet paper (tin foil can also be used). Separate everyone into groups of 2 or more. The goal of the game is simple; each group has to create a dress for the bride in the shortest possible time. When the time is up, the bride must model every dress. 

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