Male Strippers Sydney



Heighten up your senses with Justin’s presence that would surely make you crave for an encore. He’s got the good looks and suave dance moves that will leave you amazed. Book him for a performance that is truly magical.

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Mick Syd Stripper


Are you looking forward to a night of sultry moves and uninterrupted fun? Try Mick. He will surely live up to your expectations as he shows off his classy dance moves. See for yourself!

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Jonathan Syd Stripper


Jonathan’s charming looks and rock-hard muscles are sure to give you the thrill and excitement on your girls’ night out. As someone with very charming looks and confidence, his performance is just perfect.

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Confidence is what makes Dante a real stand-out among the crowd. With his undeniable charm, his performance would certainly keep the good vibes alive at your party.

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No doubt about it, Blake is handsome and gorgeous! His good looks and great dancing skills are a sure hit among girls. Make him a part of your party and let the good times roll!

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Beau Syd Stripper


This hunk with boyish looks and a perfectly-toned body is the best choice for a hens party. Surprise your guests with a captivating show from Beau. It is definitely a celebration that is for keeps.

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Perfectly handsome in all angles, Drew is a showstopper. Let your senses come alive as he performs only for you and your guests. You can never go wrong with Drew’s impressive dancing ability.

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Andrew Syd Stripper


Be charmed by Andrew’s impressive body while watching him move his way into your fantasies. He is the perfect example of a total performer. Book him now for a party worth celebrating.

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Perfectly handsome in a Policeman uniform, Gus has that appeal that will leave you breathless. Let your guard down and immerse yourself in his smooth dance moves. Find out why Gus is every girl’s favorite hunk!

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Add a spark to your party with Christian! He is a certified hunk whose cheerful attitude will make your party night extra special. Let his smile lighten up your mood and excite your senses.

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Taylor Sydney Stripper


How about a heart-pounding, hot, and spicy performance that is both mesmerizing and exceptional? Taylor is the one for you. Book this suave dancer and treat yourself to a magical night with friends.

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An athletic guy that looks hot in a fireman costume, Robert would gladly entertain you with his intense performance that leaves you wanting for more. A perfect party deserves a charismatic guy like Robert.

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Dave S

Dave’s well-sculpted body is obvious even in police or fireman costume. His sultry dance show is as attractive as his fine-looking face. Surely he will be a big hit to your girls’ night out.

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His smoking blue eyes have something to tell. Rudi is every girl’s dream. His good looks and positive attitude will add spice to your celebration. Let your imagination soar with his signature moves.

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Justin Leo

He’s got the looks and moves that will make your heart beat like crazy! You will love how he keeps the party alive and electrifying. Book him for your private events now!

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Tommy Sydney Stripper


Tommy’s charm coupled with his smooth dance moves makes him an exceptional entertainer. Trust his performance to mesmerize and conquer your heart and soul. Book him for an exceptional party that is worth remembering.

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For your hens party, look for Stefano. With blond hair and an enticing body, he will surely delight you with his exquisite dance moves. Prepare for a heart-pounding show that he will perform only for you.

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Matty Sydney Stripper


Have fun and let loose with this blue-eyed hunk with a charming smile. Leave all your cares behind and let him show off his dancing prowess. An evening with Matty is something you will cherish for a long time.

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Leigh Sydney Waiter


He is a natural entertainer and his confidence is overflowing! Leigh’s performance is a treat for you and your guests. Enjoy his presence as he gives his best show.

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Bruno Sydney Stripper


Without a doubt, he is a great dancer. Bruno will conquer the stage and give you maximum entertainment that is more than you could imagine. Feel alive and excited as he gives his all!

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Johno Sydney Stripper


Feel excited and mesmerized by Johno’s charm. He radiates confidence that makes every girl swoon at his presence. It will be a very delightful show as you savor every smooth move he makes.

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Let Sean take the center stage to guarantee a thrilling night with you and your friends. You will love how he carries himself in that fireman or a cop costume. He has a way to captivate anyone, so just let your guard down and enjoy the show!

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We Got the Best Male Entertainers Sydney has to offer

Thinking about having something different and a more exciting party for you and your friends? Try hiring the top-notch male strippers in Sydney, and experience a one-of-a-kind show that is truly amazing!
Sydney’s great-looking male strippers are here to provide you with the best adult entertainment ever. No doubt about it, these hunks will showcase electrifying shows that drive girls crazy. For events that truly satisfy and are worth remembering, spice them up with performances from our superb hunks.

The Finest Men For the Job

Our charming and confident strippers have the skills and talent that make them exceptional performers. Their sexy looks and outstanding moves are a result of constant practice and preparation to make sure that they are in tiptop shape to perform for you. So if you are in for a hot and stimulating evening, why not hire these gorgeous men? Whether live shows or private ones, you’ll get to experience the thrill and delight these performances give you.

Before Our Stripper Arrives
Our stunning hunk will arrive on the day of your celebration. In preparation for the strip show which is the highlight of your event, our stripper needs a small space for him to change his clothes and prep up for the show. A place wide enough for the stripper to perform is also required, including an armless chair for the special guest to use.
On the day of the event, our friendly hunk will get in touch with you either through call or text to inform you that he will arrive soon. That way, you can prepare and anticipate his arrival.
These are few things to do for a smooth and uninterrupted celebration that you truly deserve.
A Place to Perform
It is important for your party to be in a good venue. You can choose where you want your party to be held and our men will be there for you. Should you wish to have your party outside of the city, we can definitely give in to your whim.
Our Guys Look Great in Costumes
Our strippers are perfectly handsome in costumes, be it in a fireman, policeman, or cowboy. These add fun and excitement to the show. Should you prefer, you can choose what you would like your stripper to wear. Perfect if you have a themed party, prepare a costume for our guys and of course, they would gladly wear it for you.
Duration and Cost of a Stripper Show
Are you hiring a stripper for a hens night party? Or a birthday party? Our sexy hunks will make your celebrations a memorable one with the strip shows specially prepared for you. You can choose from partial strip shows, full strip shows, or double trouble shows. All these guarantee that you get the best performance from our charming hunks.
A partial strip show is done from 15 to 20 minutes. Our sexy hunk will not stop until he is down to his G-string.
For a full strip show, the performance is for 20 minutes. The highlight of this show is our stripper’s undressing until the last piece of his clothing is removed.
If you want more than a single stripper, you should try our double trouble show. For the duration of the show, which is 30 to 40 minutes, you may choose whether these guys perform one after the other or they dance at the same time.
We offer partial strip shows and full strip shows which are priced for as low as $280, and double trouble shows, which costs $510.
Whatever the options you choose, you will never be disappointed, that is a promise!

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Make A Night To Remember

One way to preserve great memories of a celebration is by taking photos. For a private show, it is normally allowed to take photos, but it is best to ask our charming stripper if he would like to be photographed. Most often than not, he would gladly oblige.

Etiquette when hiring a stripper

So how do you prepare to book a stripper? Here are some ideas that would surely be helpful for your occasion to be more meaningful and successful.

Know Your Guests
As a host, know who your guests are. Are they okay to have a male stripper for your entertainment? It is nice to inform them beforehand so that they know what to expect from your party. After all, you want your guests to enjoy the night with you.
Choose Your Stripper
Of course, you may choose who you want to perform at your party. Take your pick from the selection of the finest hunks we have to offer. You can also get to pick what costumes you would like him to wear. If you want your stripper to do something that is not part of the routine, you may ask him.
Set the Time
Usually, the strip dance routine lasts for 15 to 20 minutes, but if you wish, you can book him for a longer period of time.
How You Should/Should Not Act
Strip dancing is done by trained and professional men, and they absolutely like it if you appreciate their performances. Actual praises and clapping of hands are a big boost to the stripper’s show. It is also important to show them respect and courtesy, after all, strippers are workers, too. Entertaining you is their way of earning a living.
Tipping Rules
Usually, the strip dance routine lasts for 15 to 20 minutes, but if you wish, you can book him for a longer period of time.
Pay your dues
You are required a certain amount of the total cost as a deposit. It is much appreciated to have the balance prepared in cash and ready to be handed over to our stripper before the show commences or before he leaves.

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