Do you want him down to his jocks or full-on stripped? The answer is up to you.

  • 15 – 20 minutes
  • Full or Partial Strip
If one man isn’t enough for your group then why not step it up a notch and get two!
  • 2 Full or partial strip shows
  • 30-40 min total + photo opportunity
  • Choose the guys to come separately or back to back
BASIC COMBO (1 strip + 1 waiter) Great for groups small groups up to 20 people
  • MALE STRIPPER 15-20 min show + photo opportunity after
  • TOPLESS WAITER premium waiter service for food/drinks, photos, game hosting and setting up
STANDARD COMBO (2 strips + 1 waiter) Great for groups of up to 30 people
  • 2 Full or partial strip shows + 1 waiter
  • 30-40 min show time plus hours waiter time
  • Choose the guys to come separately OR back to back

Sydney's Hottest Male Entertainers

Jonathan’s charming looks and rock-hard muscles are sure to give you the thrill and excitement on your girls’ night out. As someone with very charming looks and confidence.

Spice up your next party or function, with a head-turning Dante to give you a promising night. With his charming personality and cheeky smile, 

He’s cheeky, he’s flirty and has piercing blue eyes. His moves will make your heart beat like crazy! You will love how he keeps the party alive and electrifying. 

He is the king of exotic moves and will set the hot mood of every lady in the room. He’ll make sure the guest of honour is pampered like a princess. 

No doubt about it, Marquis is handsome and gorgeous! His good looks and great dancing skills are a sure hit among girls. Make him a part of your party and let the good times roll!

This hunk with boyish looks and a perfectly-toned body is the best choice for a hens party. Surprise your guests with a captivating show from Beau.

Perfectly handsome in a Policeman uniform, Gus has that appeal that will leave you breathless. Let your guard down and immerse yourself in his smooth dance moves.

Be charmed by Andrew’s impressive body while watching him move his way into your fantasies. He is the perfect example of a total performer. Book him now for a party worth celebrating.

Your guests will be fully entertained by Arthur’s cheeky character and top-notch dancing skills. His perfectly toned body and sweet personality make him popular among the ladies.

His smoking blue eyes have something to tell. Rudi is every girl’s dream. His good looks and positive attitude will add spice to your celebration.

All smile and muscles, Jonny knows how to get any party going and when he’s not taking off his clothes, this gorgeous guy is in the gym making sure he stays in shape for all you gorgeous ladies.

Brad will ensure you’re dreaming about him for years to come. His gaze will knock you off of your feet. Get a chance to see his perfect surfboard abs up close when you book him for a private event.

If you’re ready to turn up the heat in your party, then you need to book Chris from MAGIC MEN. Watch your guests loose themselves as he seduces the room with charm and charisma. 

Thanks to his cop and fireman sexy performance, and cheeky personality, your guests will have an amazing time of their lives.

Matty is one of MAGIC MEN dancers that will be sure to get your party started. Furthermore, he will provide you and your’ girlfriends with fantastic show performance 

This Paul Wesley doppelganger is sure to melt your hearts with his striking looks and angelic eyes. Happy to sit and have a chat, Leigh will help make your night run seamlessly

this sexy cop will make sure they are all worth it. So if your hen has been a bad lady, surprise her with a happy arresting she will never forget for the rest of her life.

He is perfect for a beautiful crowd, just like your party. Thanks to his cheeky looks, he makes the whole crowd smile as he performs on the stage. 

He can please you with the variety of different roles and characters he can portray, such as fireman or SWAT. David has many tricks up his sleeve t surprise and delight you all night long.

With those dark brown eyes, he’ll see straight into your soul and make you tingle from head to toe. MArco lives for a party and loves getting wild with his guests.

Cheeky, chiseled, and scantily clad, Jay is headed for your ultimate ladies’ night out. This tanned guy will amuse you with his stunning, sexy dance movements and sensual smile.

We Got the Best Male Entertainers Sydney has to offer

Thinking about having something different and a more exciting party for you and your friends? Try hiring the top-notch male strippers in Sydney, and experience a one-of-a-kind show that is truly amazing!
Great-looking Male Strippers Sydney are here to provide you with the best adult entertainment ever. No doubt about it, these hunks will showcase electrifying shows that drive girls crazy. For events that truly satisfy and are worth remembering, spice them up with performances from our superb hunks.


Our stunning hunk will arrive on the day of your celebration. In preparation for the strip show which is the highlight of your event, our stripper needs a small space for him to change his clothes and prep up for the show. A place wide enough for the stripper to perform is also required, including an armless chair for the special guest to use.

On the day of the event, our friendly hunk will get in touch with you either through call or text to inform you that he will arrive soon. That way, you can prepare and anticipate his arrival.

These are few things to do for a smooth and uninterrupted celebration that you truly deserve.

It is important for your party to be in a good venue. You can choose where you want your party to be held and our Male Strippers Sydney will be there for you. Should you wish to have your party outside of the city, we can definitely give in to your whim.

Our Male Strippers Sydney are perfectly handsome in costumes, be it in a fireman, policeman, or cowboy. These add fun and excitement to the show. Should you prefer, you can choose what you would like your Male Strippers Sydney to wear. Perfect if you have a themed party, prepare a costume for our guys and of course, they would gladly wear it for you.

Are you hiring Male Strippers Sydney for a hens night party? Or a birthday party? Our sexy hunks will make your celebrations a memorable one with the strip shows specially prepared for you. You can choose from partial strip shows, full strip shows, or double trouble shows. All these guarantee that you get the best performance from our charming hunks.A partial strip show is done from 15 to 20 minutes. Our sexy hunk will not stop until he is down to his G-string.
For a full strip show, the performance is for 20 minutes. The highlight of this show is our stripper’s undressing until the last piece of his clothing is removed.
If you want more than a single stripper, you should try our double trouble show. For the duration of the show, which is 30 to 40 minutes, you may choose whether these guys perform one after the other or they dance at the same time.
We offer partial strip shows and full strip shows which are priced for as low as $300, and double trouble shows, which costs $600.
Whatever the options you choose, you will never be disappointed, that is a promise!

Our charming and confident strippers have the skills and talent that make them exceptional performers. Their sexy looks and outstanding moves are a result of constant practice and preparation to make sure that they are in tiptop shape to perform for you. So if you are in for a hot and stimulating evening, why not hire these gorgeous men? Whether live shows or private ones, you’ll get to experience the thrill and delight these performances give you.

So how do you prepare to book a stripper? Here are some ideas that would surely be helpful for your occasion to be more meaningful and successful.

Make A Night To Remember


One way to preserve great memories of a celebration is by taking photos. For a private show, it is normally allowed to take photos, but it is best to ask our charming stripper if he would like to be photographed. Most often than not, he would gladly oblige.




Frequently Asked Questions About Male Strippers Sydney

The entertainer’s discretion ultimately determines whether or not it is acceptable to take pictures of them while they are performing. Before taking pictures, it’s important to recognise and respect each entertainer’s boundaries. It is strictly forbidden to record any performance on camera unless the performer has given their consent.

Your BareNights Entertainer or Topless Waiter will notify you that he is on his way the night of your special event via text or phone call. This enables you and your team to get everything ready for his performance and get ready for his arrival. To make sure that everyone is on the same page and that your party runs smoothly, our Male Strippers and Topless Waiters are trained to keep open lines of communication with our clients. The Head Booking Manager can keep track of all the shows taking place that night because every Party is tracked internally at our BareNights Event Dashboard.

when a male stripper from BareNights shows up at your venue with all of his equipment to start the party! In order to make sure everything goes smoothly, we would ask that you have the following ready before they arrive:

1. Your BareNights Payment (collected in cash upon arrival)
3. A designated “Performance Area” (ideally, a living room, or an area inside your home, apartment, or hotel room… mainly for acoustics). 2. A spare room or bathroom for your stripper to change in
4. Make sure the dancer has enough room to perform.
5. A chair with a back and no arms that is placed in the front-center of the Performance Area for the special girl to sit on.

Each performer may ask for specific things to complete his show depending on your purchase. Most dancers would prefer that you provide a chair with a back and no arms to be used as the Hot Seat for the special lady, but this is the bare minimum they would ask for. The entertainer’s lap dance will be more difficult to perform in a chair with arms.

Each topless waiter must be reserved for a minimum of 2 hours at a base rate of $100/hour. Discounts are also given for orders that need more than one waiter and for waits longer than three hours.