A great addition to your celebration is the presence of an athletic and gorgeous guy. Samuel perfectly fits that description. What’s more, he will gladly join you in party games while serving you drinks. It will definitely be a night full of memories!

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As one of Brisbane’s hottest performers, Nick is the perfect man to invite to your hens party. He’s got the looks and body to excite and thrill. Book him and get ready to dance the night away!

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Carlos Bris Stripper


This one-of-a-kind sexy hunk loves the attention he gets when performing, especially in a policeman costume. Carlos is sure to rock your world as he dances his way into your fantasies. Book him to get to know him more!

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Simply handsome all the way, Jacob is a head-turner. His fantastic performance will add life to your girls’ night out. Don’t miss this opportunity, book him now.

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Jeff Bris Stripper


Jeff was born to be a dancer. Aside from having an attractive personality, his fiery dance moves will definitely take your breath away. Book this hot guy to guarantee a night beyond compare.

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Jax Bris Stripper


Incredibly smooth performance – that is definitely his style. He knows how to keep a woman focused on him, use his charm, and dance his way to her. Make Jax a part of your celebration, and get ready for a fantastic night ahead!

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Apollo Bris Stripper


One of the best waiters in the group, Apollo will give you his undivided and sincere attention. You and your friends will be treated to a worry-free night in the presence of this hot head-turner.

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I am sure you got hooked on Brad’s appealing personality. He looks even more good-looking when he performs. Those amazing skills are worth watching. Enjoy his dance moves and let your night be something fun and exciting!

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Josh Bris Stripper


Josh has well-sculpted abs that are highlighted while he is dancing. You may feel like you want to dance with him, too. Indulge your senses, book him and let your imagination soar.

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Vinnie Bris Stripper


Vinnie is a funny man and has a great sense of humor. Catch his signature moves and be ready to be amazed at his outstanding performance.

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Two words that accurately describe Seamus – fine-looking and talented. Would you like to know more about him? Book him now and enjoy his performance beyond compare.

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This hunk has awesome energy onstage! His expressive eyes and strong appeal will certainly sweep you off your feet. Bring excitement to your girls’ night out, book Tyrone now.

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Mark Bris Stripper


Mark is a guy with a carefree attitude. He is a natural charmer who attracts ladies just by his looks and smiles. Watch him perform his sultry moves and get ready to be mesmerized.

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Sebastian Bris Stripper


It is no wonder if you get hooked to Sebastian’s charm. He has the looks any girl would fall for. Secure his performance by booking him ahead of time because this guy’s schedule is usually fully booked.

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Blaine Bris Stripper


Thinking of a great party with your lady friends? Make Blaine the exciting finale and watch your friends go crazy over him. Let him treat you to a night you will never forget.

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Daniel’s dance moves are described in one word: sensational! Dress him up in a fireman costume to see how attractive he is. Treat your eyes to a sweet honey vision that is Daniel.

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Be it a hens night party, birthday party, hang out with friends or whatever party it may be, What should it look like? Hmmm, this question is ambiguous because the answer is a matter of individual opinion. However, it can be subjected to a general answer. In general view, every party should be a hit, outrageous, maximum excitement, sexy and stress-free. A party should be filled with swiveling hips smoke smiles that set the stage ablaze in spectacular dance, music, and fun that will move even the introverts present to the edge of their seat and make them ask for more.
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