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Experience a heart-stopping show with this hunk that is certainly unforgettable. Will’s handsome face and well-built physique is a feast for your eyes and senses. Book him and experience a thrilling and exciting night!

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If you are looking for a good-looking guy with a hunky and virile physique, he is the one! He guarantees an amazing night and we continually receive rave reviews from his events. Get in early to secure Tyreese for your next event.

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Cesar is here to please. He knows what drives girls crazy, and he will enthrall you with his breathtaking performances and awesome personality, not to mention his gorgeous persona and first-rate dance moves.

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Looking for a fine-looking hunk who is also an awesome and gifted dancer? Angelo is the man. Book him for an incredible night of enjoyment only he can deliver, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Nikko is tall dark and handsome and is sure to impress. He enjoys keeping fit, loves music and entertaining guests. Trust him to create an amazing night with his humor and wit.

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Mitch A

Mitch is a cheerful guy, and with him, no dull moment exists. He loves to give you the best he can give with his cheeky smile and perfect physique.

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Jay Lam

With his breathtaking build, adding to his expressive and superb grooves, you are in for lots of fun-filled and exciting nights out. He goes above and beyond to ensure every guest is comfortable and enjoying themselves.

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Johnny Star Melb Stripper

Johnny Star

Indulge in Johnny Star’s unique and one-of-a-kind performance. He is the ultimate entertainer that can capture your heart. Book him for your next hens night out!

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Jesse Melb Stripper


He’s a good-looking, talented guy that will add spice to your evening and give you a performance worth remembering, as you delight in his overwhelming presence. Who wouldn’t love him?

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Tyson Melbourne Stripper


Beneath his shy-boy appearance is a stunning performer with electrifying moves. You would lose yourself by just watching Tyson do his superb groove. Book him for your hens night and see him rock your world.

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Anouar Melbourne Stripper


I can’t even begin to describe how good-looking this man is, with his handsome face and hunky body adding to his perfect dance moves, you would never regret booking him for the perfect girls night out.

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Leon Melb Stripper


Don’t miss out on a fun-filled night by booking him now. Leon is the perfect entertainer to give you loads of excitement during your girls night that you’ll definitely remember for a long time!

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Harley Melb Stripper

Harley G

It is nearly impossible not to notice Harley’s beautiful blue eyes. Watch his moves and let him take you to a place and an experience you will never forget. With or without a costume, he is a sight to behold.

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Nick Melb Stripper


This guy is an awesome dancer, whose moves can make you desire for more. Treat yourself to this astounding performance that is uniquely Nick’s.

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Carlos Melb Stripper


Perfectly gorgeous, charismatic, and confident – Carlos is the one to book! Immerse yourself in his expressive and smooth moves, and for sure, he will fire up the night with you.

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Eddy Melbourne Male Stripper


For a night full of fun and delight, this hunk will definitely give you that awesome experience. His dance moves promise moments of thrill and enjoyment, more than what you expect! Dress him up or undress him, Eddy is just amazing!

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Jamie Melb Stripper


You will definitely fall for this guy, perfect in every angle. Awaken your senses with Jamie’s smooth moves and heart-stopping performance that you will remember for a long time.

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Francesco Melb Stripper


Delight your senses with Francesco – a real heartthrob. Those expressive brown eyes give an idea of what he is really like – extraordinary, and powerful. Be mesmerized by his suave performance.

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Ash Melb Stripper Waiter

Ash Summers

Ash Summers is a ‘heart and soul’ performer, he puts his all into what he does, and you definitely see what he means. This enigmatic guy’s moves are simply captivating and mind-blowing!

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Logan Melb Stripper


The mysterious look is revealed in his expressive eyes. This hunk will definitely fill your heart with emotions of excitement as he grooves to the music. Logan is the man!

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