Playing with Ice and Fire: The Basics of Temperature Play

Temperature play in bed is better with adult toys and accessories.

Temperature play: Too Hot to Handle, Too Cold to Hold

If you are interested in levelling up your foreplay with a partner, you can start with temperature play. This is great for beginners and of course pros can ramp it up with adult toys. About 37% of couples have experimented playing with ice and fire in the bed, because, well, why not? It’s super easy to do, toys and accessories are not intimidating, and it’s fun when new sensations are introduced to the bed. So, if you are ready to play hot and cold, read more to learn the basics of temperature play.


What is temperature play?

This bed playtime introduces heat or cold into the body to stimulate the skin and provoke a sensual reaction. Pro tip: Combine temperature play with blindfolding or restraints. When one is restricted with her senses, the feelings of hot and cold are heightened resulting in a more intense sensual pleasure.


Why is temperature play sexually effective?

During foreplay, when a hot or cold material is caressed to your skin, it provokes arousal because the skin receptors aka the-ones-responsible-for-the-sensations are stimulated. This is being translated into arousal especially when it targets the body’s erogenous zones. I know you’re feeling it, so let’s get you started with temperature play.


How do you play the temperature?

The most basic one is by using an ice cube. Especially for those who haven’t tried anything yet, ice can do wonders to your body that you can ever imagine. It’s readily available, and who would be afraid to have ice cube on their body, right? Here are the things you can do with the cold play.


  • Cool an ice cube on your mouth before going down on her.
  • Drip melted or cooled down ice cube on your partner’s body.
  • Caress ice cube around the nipples, her favourite parts, and be creative.
  • Use a bucket of ice to cool down your glass dildo.
  • Cool your favourite lube before applying it to your skin. Feel that extra layer of coolness paired with your lube’s texture.
  • Treat your partner with sweet treats by introducing frozen fruits like strawberries over your partner’s body.
  • If you don’t want to be messy with food, use cooled flavoured edible lube instead.

Drip ice cube on your partner’s body.


For those who want extra heat in the bed, and prefers steamy sex, hot play can be done with the following:


  • Drip melted wax from a scented massage candle made for sex. This is specifically made so you less likely burn your skin. Please, don’t go using your regular candle at home!
  • Warm your lube by putting it in a glass filled with warm water. After 10-15 minutes, you can apply it on your skin and feel its warmth.
  • Put your glass dildo in warm water before using it.
  • Warm-up your mouth by drinking hot tea, or coffee before doing oral sex.

Warm-up your mouth by drinking hot tea, or coffee before doing oral sex.


Once you get the hang of temperature play, get the most fun out of it by combining hot and cold materials. Be creative with the stuff you used and don’t be limited with foods, or sweet treats. Try incorporating sex candles specifically-designed for temperature play, and glass dildos so you can enjoy either hot or cold sensations down there. Explore your partner’s sensitive areas and pair it with comfortable restraints or sophisticated blindfolds for the perfect foreplay in bed.