How are Male Strip Clubs Different from Female Strip Clubs?


Strip clubs are fun to visit if you are looking for a relaxing and entertaining night out. Both men and women have fun at strip clubs. There are some differences between male and female strip clubs. We asked our male strippers Melbourne about some of the main differences and we have highlighted them here based on what they had to say.  

The Entertainment Offered by Strip Clubs 

Entertainment is a little different. Male strip clubs have a presentation that includes several male strippers who do choreography. They even represent characters with whom the audience can interact. Male strippers will also wear a costume if it is part of the show. Female strip clubs have more individualized presentations without much of a show and the audience cannot interact without paying extra. 

Are Lapdances the Same?

Personal Lapdances are free at male clubs; women get the chance of interacting in the show and getting a personal lapdance. If there is a group celebrating a birthday or a hen`s party, then she will be brought up to the stage and receive a personal lap dance.  At female strip clubs, lapdances require a tip. You will probably not get a lapdance unless it is paid for. 

Do they have the Same Schedules?

Schedules are also different. Male strippers will attend you at any time but the presentations or shows are usually scheduled for Saturday nights. You are recommended to make a reservation for the shows to make sure you can enter.  Female strip clubs usually have daily presentations, especially at night. 

What About Physical Contact?

Physical Contact is allowed in male strip clubs. It is ok for women to touch the muscles of the topless male strippers. Touching is very common with male strippers. Avoid physical contact with female strippers; it is not permitted.

When are Photos Allowed?

Photos are forbidden in female strip clubs. In male strip clubs, they are allowed and even encouraged. Photos are a way that female customers feel identified with the male strip club. Photos are uploaded on social networks so women can tag themselves and share the photos.  

The Type of Activities and Environment  

There are lots of fun activities that are done in male strip clubs. It is a matter of having fun with customers. Some of the activities that are carried out in the male strip club are body shots, games with orgasms, and interaction with food. Female strip clubs are more about pole dancing and teasing. The environment of a male strip club is way different than a female strip club. Girls get together and go in a party mode. They even make new friends at the male strip club. On the other hand, men avoid going too frequently, stay with their groups, and try to not be recognized in a female strip club. 

Were you surprised? We think you might not have considered some of the differences mentioned. There are some significant differences between these strip clubs. Give it a try and visit one to find out for yourself what are the main differences. If you would like more information about a famous male strip club then visit

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