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Playing with Ice and Fire: The Basics of Temperature Play

Temperature play in bed is better with adult toys and accessories.

If you are interested in levelling up your foreplay with a partner, you can start with temperature play. This is great for beginners and of course pros can ramp it up with toys and accessories. It’s super easy to do, toys and accessories are not intimidating, and it’s fun when new sensations are introduced to the bed. Read more to learn the basics of temperature play and be ready to play hot and cold in bed.

The Basics of Breast Bondage – Your Common Questions Answered by Experts

The Basics of Breast Bondage Explained

Breast bondage appeals to men and women even before Fifty Shades of Grey was born. If you’re on the vanilla side of things and wants to try this nipple play, it’s better to know the basics first and have a deep understanding before jumping right in. We asked sex experts in bondage play to give us answers on the most common questions we have on norks bondage.