Topless Male Waiters in Melbourne

Our Guys are experienced Topless Waiters that know how to have fun, whether you are looking for a quiet relaxed Hen’s Party or a crazy wild night Bare Nights can make this happen for you.

Bare Nights only pick the best looking Topless Waiters in Melbourne. Choose the Guy’s that will suit all your needs:

  • Sexy Topless Waiters
  • Model Topless Waiters
  • Fun Topless Waiters
  • Tall & Dark Topless Waiters
  • Cheeky Topless Waiters

Ensure that your next Hen’s night in Melbourne has a Sexy Topless Waiter Melbourne from Bare Nights. We understand it can be tedious and stressful organising a Hen’s Party. Take the pressure of yourself and allow Bare Nights to deliver you Sexy Topless Waiters that will act like the MC for your Hen’s Party.

Our Guys are experienced Topless Waiters that know how to have fun, whether you are looking for a quiet relaxed Hen’s Party or a crazy wild night Bare Nights can make this happen for you.

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Ryan Melb Waiter


Ryan is just the guy you need to make your next girls weekend a major hit. He’s a great mix of fun and flirty with great charisma.

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Marco Melb Waiter


Marco is now one to fret over any kind of crowd as he is super confident and loves to entertain. Book him on your next special night out with friends and let him just show you how easy going and how fun he can be.

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Ivan Melb Waiter


Ivan is toned and tanned to perfection and is all that you need to complete your night out with friends. Let him serve you drinks and entertain your guests with his wit, his charm and charisma.

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Damo Melb Waiter


Damo is the guy to call when you want someone to entertain at your next party. He will serve you drinks and loads of fun with his rock-hard abs, and cheeky smile.

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Matthew A Melb Waiter

Matthew A

Matthew will surely be a hit on your next girls nightout! He is a great waiter and entertainer, he is a certified eye-candy and can serve up any drink without breaking a sweat.

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Adam Melb Waiter


Booking Adam for your next special event is just a click away! He is a perfect balance of charisma, wit and naughtiness.

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Patricio Melbourne Topless Waiter


Patrizio will waltz through the crowd with drinks in one hand and tricks in the other. He is charming, suave and charismatic.

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Jefferson Melb Waiter


Jefferson may look tough but he is a certified “softie” where ladies are concerned. He will surely serve up drinks and keep the crowd entertained with his wit and charm.

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Charaf Melb Waiter


Charaf is all that you need on your next hens night. He can leave you wanting for more with his amazing personality and his great looks.

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Bass Melb Waiter


Bring the 24k magic on your next girls nightout. Book Bass today and let him entertain you and your friends the whole night through.

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Ricardo Melb Waiter


If you want to have a good time and not worry about keeping your guests entertained, book Ricardo today and let him do all the work for you! He can serve up drinks and tricks and make sure that the crowd is satisfied.

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Nathan Rocks Melb Waiter

Nathan Rocks

Photos are not enough to define just how gorgeous and hot Nathan Rocks is. With his solid abs, perfectly tanned body and spunk and charisma, Nathan will surely rock up at your next hens night nothing short of AMAZING. Book him now!

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Mathew Melb Waiter


Mathew will give you a hens night to remember. He can serve you drinks and bring with him a ton of games to keep you and your guests entertained the whole night through. Book him now.

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Damien H Melb Waiter

Damien H

If you are out looking for a great time, then look not too far ahead coz Damien H is the guy you need. He can be fun, flirtatious and anything you want him to be to entertain at your next night out with friends.

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Ajay Melb Waiter


Always on the go, Ajay definitely knows how to keep the party started and how to make it fun all throughout. Ajay is ready and willing to work up some tricks to entertain the ladies.

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Josh J Melb Waiter

Josh J

Josh J with his boyish charms and sneaky moves is everything you need to make sure your guests are fully attended to on your next girls fun weekend. He can do anything and everything you want him to do.

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Chris Melb Waiter

Chris V

Ever wondered how it feels like to be treated like you’re the only girl in the world? Well, book Chris V now and let him show you exactly how it is done.

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Luke Melb Waiter


Luke is the perfect balance of fun, cheekiness and great looks! Book him now for your next special event and he will definitely teach you a trick or two about turning the party up.

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Aaron Melb Waiter


Aaron is just about anything and everything you need at your next night out with the girls. He’s cool, calm and collected will surely be a hit with the ladies.

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Daniel Melb Waiter


All work and no play? Why not book Daniel on your next ladies night and let him show you how much fun you’ve been missing out on? Daniel will surely give life to your party and bring with him loads of tricks and games to make it a night to remember.

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Angel Melb Waiter


Angel will surely make your next night out with friends special. Add a dash of class and sophistication by booking him to serve you food and drinks while circling around with friends topless!

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Irish Melb Waiter


Irish has boat loads of flair, sass and mischief. Book him now for your next girls night as your topless waiter and wait till you see how much fun it can be with him around.

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Joseph Melb Waiter


Joseph is everything you need – good looks, hot body and great personality. Your next girls night out will definitely be the talk of the town. Joseph can make you giggle and swoon over his amazing waitering skills.

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Orlando Melb Waiter


Handsome, feisty and hard rock abs – that is definitely how Orlando can be described. He will surely steal your hearts with his charming smile and charisma. Book him now to help you make your dream girls nightout one to remember.

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Giorgio Melb Waiter


Experience the Italian sensation – Giorgio by booking him today. Tall, extremely good looking and super fun, Giorgio will surely add a lot of pizzazz to your special event. He has lots of tricks up in his sleeves and a whole bunch of sultry moves to complete your evening.

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Sean Melb Waiter


He sizzles and he dazzles, Sean W is all you need to complete your special girls night out. He is toned to perfection, strong, and captivating. To top it all off, he can pump up the party vibe and make sure everyone is having a good time.

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Lochie Melb Waiter


Lochie is ripped, cheeky and funny. He surely knows how to bring a lot of fun and excitement to your special ladies weekend. He is quite the charmer and can be flirtatious, just enough to keep our ladies blushing the entire night. Book him now.

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Alun Melb Waiter


Alun is all you need for your next party. He surely knows how to work the crowd and can bring loads of fun games to your special night out with the ladies.

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Leo Melb Waiter


If you are out on a hunt for a topless waiter that can make your ladies laugh the whole night long, then Leo is definitely the guy you want to book. This cheeky guy has loads of tricks and games to complete your special night with friends.

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Jack Melb Waiter


Jack is built to party all night long. He has the body, the looks and the matching personality to complete your special girls weekend.

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Sya Melb Waiter


With a hard rock abs and a charming personality to boot, Sya should definitely be on top of your list when planning your next ladies night out. Sya is confident and can definitly bring loads of fun to your special event.

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Feds Melb Waiter


Don’t look past him and book Feds now! He is all that you need to complete your special girls nightout. He’s got the looks, the body and the personality.

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Leon Melb Stripper


Don’t miss out on a fun-filled girls night by booking Leon now. He is the perfect entertainer to give you loads of excitement during your girls night.

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Anouar Melb Stripper


If you are after a man in-charge then Anouar is definitely worth your money. He is tall, muscly and spunky and definitely a perfect addition to your special girls night out. Book him now!

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Nikko Melb Stripper


Nikko is tall dark and handsome and is sure to impress. He enjoys keeping fit, loves music and entertaining guests – all the ladies will be putting their hands up for body shots!!

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Ash Melb Stripper Waiter

Ash Summers

Ash Summers is the guy to book if you are after a night filled with fun and excitement. He’s got the looks, the body and the personality – the perfect trifecta for your ladies night! Book him now.

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Francesco Melb Stripper


Francesco is an absolute gentleman, and tattooed up with piercing brown eyes, he is the perfect man to spark up your next event.

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Tyreese Melb Stripper


Tall, charming and energetic, Tyreese ticks all the boxes. He guarantees an amazing night and we continually receive rave reviews from his events. Get in early to secure Tyreese for your next event.

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topless hunk george


George is the life of the party. He is fun, friendly and very cheeky. Request George for your Next Hen’s Party.

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open shirt waiter mitch


Mitch is a charmer and has a body to match, make sure you get in quick to have Mitch entertain at your next party or event.

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With a cute grin and deep blue eyes, Harry is one heck of a man!

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Jay melbourne waiter

Jay Lam

If you are looking for someone who is the life of the party, then Jay is your guy! This sexy hunk sure knows how to have a good time. Book him now!!

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James Melb Waiter


James is Barenights latest heartthrob. He will bring energy, charm and charisma to any party and will melt girls hearts in the process. In his spare time he loves working on his fitness and socialising.

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Eli Melb Waiter


Eli is an experienced waiter based in the east side. He is a reliable hard worker who is great at keeping all the girls happy and will do anything to please.

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Melbourne’s Sexiest Topless Waiters

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